Nancie G. Marzulla and Roger J. Marzulla to Speak at the 60th Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Institute

June 3, 2014

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Nancie Marzulla and Roger Marzulla will lead a panel discussion on The Intersection of Water Rights and Takings Doctrine at the 60th Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Institute. The conference will be held July 17–19, 2014 in Vail, Colorado. The panel will explore the intersection of modern water rights—including appropriative, riparian, and groundwater—with Fifth Amendment protections against governmental taking of property without just compensation. Nancie Marzulla and Roger Marzulla will discuss the leading cases and ongoing litigation involving hot spots like the Sacramento Delta and the Klamath Basin where the courts and the parties struggle to reconcile often-conflicting legal principles of water allocation, property rights, and constitutional law.

The online brochure can be viewed here.

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