Brittany Zale

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Brittany Zale
Office Manager
Washington, DC
Phone: (202) 822-6760
Fax: (202) 822-6774

Brittany is a graduate of George Washington University with a Bachelor’s in International Affairs. She joined Marzulla in 2009 and served as the firm’s receptionist. In May 2009 she became a full-time paralegal, and in August 2010 moved on to become office manager. During her time at GWU she was an intern at the National Foundation of Women Legislators, the Woodrow Wilson Center, and the law firm of Hodgson Russ in Buffalo, NY.

Among Brittany’s myriad interests and hobbies are: trail running, farmers’ markets and local foods, watching hockey, and taking weekend trips. She is a member of PATC (Potomac Appalachian Trail Club), and the Virginia Happy Trail Running Club, where she was 2010’s “Rookie of the Year.”

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