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Marzulla Law's practice area of "property law" is broad in scope. We have handled a wide array of issues affecting real property. If you are looking for attorneys who have in-depth experience and are prepared to handle any issue affecting your property, Marzulla Law is the right choice for you!

The attorneys at Marzulla Law, LLC, have successfully represented developers, construction companies, contractors, and other clients with a variety of complex property issues. We are knowledgeable and prepared to handle issues surrounding the construction and development of multifamily housing, mixed-use developments, single family homes, and retail or leisure properties.

It is common for developers and construction companies to encounter challenges from private groups or governmental agencies when they propose their building plans. Our firm has successfully handled environmental challenges, tortious interference with building contracts, and matters dealing with wetlands. We have significant experience in litigating against private parties and numerous government agencies, including the Department of Justice, Department of the Interior, Department of Transportation, Department of Agriculture, Corps of Engineers, Environmental Protection Agency, environmental groups, and the District of Colombia.

Our law firm has also handled numerous cases dealing with hazardous waste disposal. We are prepared to handle everything from asbestos cases to CERCLA matters. In fact, our attorneys have handled cases involving every major federal environmental statute on the books. We are also knowledgeable regarding environmental audits and due diligence for large corporate transactions involving hazardous substances.

If you have issues regarding real property, the attorneys at Marzulla Law are prepared to assist you. Please contact us at (202) 822-6760 to schedule an appointment. We understand the complexities involving property law and we have a successful record of prosecuting and defending property rights.

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