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“Nancie and Roger Marzulla of Marzulla Law have impeccable reputations in the legal community and stand out among INBLF lawyers.  It is a pleasure knowing two highly respected, professionals, who perform exemplary work in property and environmental law.”
Kenneth J. Annis

"We are fortunate both to have a U.S. Constitution that protects our private property rights and to have Nancie and Roger Marzulla to enforce those protections when the Government seeks to diminish those property rights."
Robert Comer

"Roger and Nancie are extremely bright and imaginative lawyers.  They challenge all issues from every direction.  An intellectual feast!"
Dr. Rod Smith
Water Valuation Expert

"Nancie and Roger head a firm staffed by consummate professionals. I have worked with numerous law teams but the Marzullas stand in the top in terms of working with experts to enhance the quality of their testimony. They bring out the best in the people they work with."
Dr. Edward Aguado

"Personally and professionally, working with the Marzulla firm was a pleasure. My work was made easy because the technical questions I was asked to address were stated clearly due to their detailed understanding of the technical issues."
Timothy J. Durbin, P.E.

“We are happy to count Nancie and Roger Marzulla among the wonderful colleagues we have met through the INBLF. They exemplify the high standards of professionalism and excellence of INBLF lawyers.”
Rick Rodger, Executive Director
Resource Development Council for Alaska, Inc.

"I appreciate all the good work done by the good folks at Marzulla Law in the field of environmental law and property rights litigation."
David K. Langford

“We are happy to count Nancie and Roger Marzulla among the wonderful colleagues we have met through the INBLF. They exemplify the high standards of professionalism and excellence of INBLF lawyers.”
Arnold and Suzan Lutzker
Lutzker & Lutzker LLP

“I am extremely grateful for assistance that Nancie, Roger, and all at Marzulla Law provided to help our case before the Supreme Court and then on remand before the Federal Circuit.  The moot to prepare for oral argument was rigorous and was the best practical preparation for what actually followed.”
James F. Goodhart
Arkansas Game & Fish Commission

"I hope you are successful with this case and that you achieve justice and compensation for the dealers who lost so much in this fiasco. The story has never really been told with the chilling details of the events that unfolded with the bankruptcy of Chrysler. Everyone would be very surprised by the manner in which this was handled. Hardly a day goes by with me trying to understand the president's comment about an equality of sacrifice. Thank you for you and your associates' efforts to make this right."
Jim Koehler, President
Scotia Motors, Inc.

"I have over 40 years of experience testifying as an expert witness dealing with real estate matters in courts from coast to coast.  I would rate Roger and Nancie Marzulla of Marzulla Law without question the best in the business.  They and their staff's preparation and presentation was precise, concise and of the highest quality and integrity.  It was a pleasure to be on their team."
Michael W. Massey, MAI

"It has been a pleasure and a privilege to work with Nancie, Roger and the Marzulla Team during the last year.  Their true and tried expertise in the takings field and in depth knowledge of the United States Court of Federal Claims has proven to be an invaluable asset in asserting and defending the clients' interests against a formidable opponent."
Roberto E. Berrios

"I had no idea of what to expect and I was very impressed with the hearing, with the Judge, and with Nancie and Roger's conduct in the courtroom."
John McPherson

“I have had a privilege of working with Roger and Nancie and their excellent staff for almost ten years. It is such a pleasure to work with true experts in the field of takings and government contracts. Their knowledge of the Court of Federal Claims and Federal Circuit was invaluable to my client.”
Jennifer Spaletta
Spaletta Law PC

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Marzulla Law.  I found Nancie and Roger, and for that matter all of the staff, to be very focused, knowledgeable, and, most important to me, always operating with a high degree of integrity while never taking their ‘eye off the ball.’ As a result I felt that I and the other experts were given the latitude to do their best work.”
Deborah Meehan
Meehan Advisory Group

"I thoroughly enjoyed working with the Marzulla team and watching them in action."
Robert Hazel

“Working with Nancie and Roger has been a true joy. They have built a record of trust,
compassion and ethics with me and to Indian Country and for that I will eternally be grateful.”
Tom Rodgers
Carlyle Consulting

“It is a pleasure to work with Roger and Nancie Marzulla, of Marzulla Law. They have demonstrated the highest degree of competence and professionalism in their representation of our common client in its claim against the Federal Government. I look forward to their advocacy and guidance in the upcoming trial for damages.”
Reid Roberts
General Counsel
Central San Joaquin Water Conservation District

“I have really enjoyed working with the Marzullas on several appellate briefs arising out of cases in the Court of Claims; although there has not been a lot for me to add to their drafts. I have told them more than once that if all trial counsel wrote appellate briefs like they do, I would be out of business!”
Michael Fish
Certified Appellate Specialist
Niddrie, Fish & Addams LLP

“I have greatly enjoyed working with Marzulla Law,” says Ms. Tomaras. “Their passion and
experience have both encouraged and guided me in my practice.”
Brenda Tomaras
Tomaras & Ogas, LLP

“Nancie and Roger are first-rate litigators. They are creative yet they pay close attention to the details of the matter. It is obvious to me that the Marzullas want to achieve the very best result for their clients. It is a real pleasure to work with the Marzullas and their highly professional and thoroughly competent staff.”
Thomas A. Holman
The Holman Law Firm

“Because of the impressive, high-quality legal work of Nancie and Roger, our municipal taxpayer standing case has attracted significant national attention and amicus brief support. As a steering committee member of an all-volunteer, citizens group, I really appreciate the expertise, personal attention and enthusiasm of the attorneys at Marzulla Law in fighting for the rights of our taxpayer members to have their day in court here.”
Jeff Gonyo
Steering Committee
Highway J Citizens Group

"Nancie and Roger have been a pleasure to work with.  They are extremely knowledgeable and compassionate, but are very tough litigators. You could not have a better team of lawyers in your corner than the Marzullas."
Charly Seale
Exotic Wildlife Association

“In my work with the Marzulla firm I was impressed with the dedication of the entire staff, their attention to every detail of the trial preparation, and the total commitment to winning the best result for their client.”
Randy A. Tagg, MAI
The Tagg Company

“Marzulla Law has provided exceptional expertise and service and dedication second to no firm I have worked with, and the personal attention from Nancie and Roger is a welcome and rare occurrence in today’s law firm environment.”
David P. Ledger
Cabot Mantanona LLP

“I enjoy working on environmental issues that don’t have easy answers,” says Dr. Tormey. “My approach is to creatively use the results of science and engineering to help close the gap between opposing parties. Although that sometimes leads to a settlement, litigation may be required. In my work with Marzulla I found them to be of the highest integrity, fun to work with, engaged in critically important matters, and committed to winning.”
Dr. Dan Tormey
Technical Director/Vice President

“Not only were the Marzullas’ trial preparation, skill, and experience very compelling, I was also very impressed with their attention to detail in understanding the expert witness report to further enhance the overall impact of the expert witness testimony,”
Chuck Knight
Vice President
J.T. Kruer & Company

“The Marzullas are an exceptional team with a firm grasp of the law and an infectious passion for the constitutional rights of landowners. Their clients are fortunate to have such dedicated advocates representing their interests.”
Cynthia Eldred
The Law Office of Cynthia L. Eldred, APC

“It was the honor of a lifetime to act as co-counsel with Marzulla Law in the trial of the mining rights case in the Complex Litigation Division of Broward County Circuit Court. The Marzullas’ trial preparation, skill and experience were a marvel to watch, and were the reasons for the excellent results in favor of the client. We would recommend Marzulla Law without hesitation, and look forward to working with the firm again on another case and towards another victory for the good guys!”
Craig Sherman and Drew Sherman
Sherman Law Offices

“Marzulla Law is first rate and has a deep understanding of all the issues and the law.”
Jean Baldridge
Vice President of Water Resources

“We can’t fully express our gratitude for all of their help and legal brilliance.”
Laura Elkins, plaintiff in a section 1983 case against the District of Columbia

“We chose Marzulla Law after interviewing several national firms when our partnership faced a highly complex federal claim… and it was the best decision we could have made.”
Alan Naul
Love Terminal Partners, LP