Big Law, The Boutique Way

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International Network of Boutique Law Firms (INBLF –

                The firms in INBLF’s Washington, D.C., Chapter practice before federal agencies, regulatory bodies, Congress and the courts.  They have access to foreign embassies, trade associations and NGOs based in Washington, D.C.  They are able to monitor relevant legislation and provide “eyes and ears” in the Nation’s Capital.  And they serve as a unique resource for member firms and their clients throughout INBLF’s international network.

                Reaching across state lines and beyond national borders, INBLF offers a novel approach to providing access to legal services.  Each INBLF member firm is carefully selected for its legal talent, reputation, experience and specialization.  U.S. and Canadian member firms are boutique law offices, while INBLF’s international partners are leading full-service firms in capitals around the globe.  These independent but collaborative firms span the range of legal specialties and jurisdictions.   Operating without large-firm overhead or bureaucracy, the individual firms offer legal services and expertise that collectively feature a depth, quality and efficiency that no single law firm - no matter how large or prestigious - can match.  INBLF members also pride themselves on a personal approach to delivery of services, ensuring that the partner retained remains the partner responsible.

To view the practices of INBLF D.C. Chapter Members, click to view the online brochure